Samsung S20 FE (256GB) Water-Damaged

Samsung S20 FE Water-Damaged

19 May 2022 – Samsung s20 FE

Case description:

A customer contacted us to recover data from her Samsung S20 FE (256GB). She was taking photos of her children near the swimming pool and accidentally dropped the Samsung phone into the pool. When she retrieved the phone, it was still fine, but she notices there was water leaking from the side of the phone. The phone starts glitching and blackouts after a while. It is not able to power on anymore. Samsung S20 FE has an IP rating of 68, it is water resistant but not waterproof. She tried to dry the phone by placing the Samsung phone in a sealed bag with silica gel for 3 days, after that she tried to charge the phone, but it is still unable to power on. She has a lot of important data on the phone that she wants to recover.

Action (Solution):

EHDR’s data recovery specialist dissembles the Samsung phone for assessment. Watermarks were found after we disassemble the phone, water had leaked into the phone, and no physical crack on the phone but most likely the glue has aged and not sealed the casing of the phone properly. The PCB board is faulty, and short circuits were found. However, if the crucial chips of the phone were not damaged, the data will be recoverable.   

The Outcome

We contacted our customer for data checking, she was very happy that all his WhatsApp, photos, and videos were recovered.


If you have a water-damaged phone, do not the phone on or plug it into a charger as water is conducive, which can overload the circuit and chip. If you need to recover the data from the phone, it is best to contact a recovery centre as soon as possible because corrosion will deteriorate the condition of the phone and reduce the chances of recovery.

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