Sandisk 32GB SD Card Data Recovery Service

Sandisk 32GB SD Card Data Recovery Service

I believed that most people had use the Micro SD card before, as it serve as an external storage for handphone, laptop ect. But when the device cannot detect the Micro SD card, I believe your will feel headache, and not sure whether can get back your data which store inside the SD card.

Sandisk 32GB SD Card Data Recovery ServiceRecently our data recovery service receives one case on recovery data from Sandisk Micro SD card, according to customer, the SD card contain all the school project and assignment, so it is very important that we can help him get back the data.Sandisk 32GB SD Card Data Recovery ServiceWhen our data recovery specialist examines the SD card, he found out that there is not obvious damage on the surface, so he suspects that something wrong on the main printed circuit board(PCB). So our data recovery specialist plugs in the SD card and open our data recovery tool PC-3000 flash try to find information that would help on this diagnosis.Sandisk 32GB SD Card Data Recovery Service in Singapore

The information was found, it states that some component of PCB was lose connection. By knowing the root cause, our data recovery specialist immediately performs the surgery. He opens out the cover, the internal of SD card was look like this.

Sandisk 32GB SD Card Data Recovery ServiceUpon open, he performs welding technology to connect all the lose connection component which indicate early, after that, he connects the SD card back to the recovery tool again, and install the new firmware.Sandisk 32GB SD Card Data Recovery Service

FYI, we can see that all the data was able to find. Customer was happy about our efficiency and effectiveness data recovery service.Sandisk 32GB SD Card Data Recovery Service in Singapore

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