SanDisk 32GB Thumb Drive Data Recovery Service

Recently, one of customer had approach help from us to recover his data which was stored inside a thumb drive. This thumb drive belongs to Sandisk and had a capacity of 32GB, and the data inside contain all his family photo, so he was quite anxious, he had sends it to Sim Lim Square Data Recovery Centre to do a repair but was failed, and now he put his last hope on us.

Sandisk 32GB Thumb Drive Data Recovery Service

As usual, when the customer brought his thumb drive to our data recovery center, our data recovery specialist double checks the thumber drive, make sure everything was fine before he performs the diagnosis test on the laptop.

Firstly, our data recovery specialist connects the thumb drive, but the disk management was not able to detect it, so he suspects the power supply chip was spoiled. So he needs to open the enclosure to check.

Sandisk 32GB Thumb Drive Data Recovery Service

Upon opening, he found out that the live wire chip in PCU board had broken, so our data recovery specialist suspects that engineer in Sim Lim Square had accidentally broken the live wire chip, in order to make the thumb drive work, he needs to use a copper wire to connect the chip back. So our data recovery specialist use soldering tools to solder the copper in two ends of live wire chip, after which using the power meter to read the voltage, ampere and watt make sure now the live wire is working properly.

Sandisk 32GB Thumb Drive Data Recovery Service

Sandisk 32GB Thumb Drive Data Recovery Service

After that, we insert the thumb drive to the computer again, this time the disk management manage to detect the thumb drive, but shows an unknown drive, failed to read. Our data recovery specialist thinks of using the copper wire to connect the chips together to read the device id, and he found out that although this action may be work, the chance is very little according to the previous similar case. So the only way is to tell the customer we cannot recover the data. And our data recovery specialist suggests all the customer don’t open the cover and try to troubleshoot by self, as it will cause more trouble to recover the data back

Sandisk 32GB Thumb Drive Data Recovery Service

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