Sandisk 8GB Micro SD Card Data Recovery Service

Sandisk 8GB Micro SD Card Data Recovery Service

Recently, we had received another Sandisk 8GB Micro SD Card. This SD Card is total cannot detect by the computer after several time of remove without going through safely eject process, and now customer was anxious as this SD Card contain her wedding photo which causes about three thousand dollars. He had approached several data recovery centers but none of them able to recover the data back as all of them mention the PCI of the SD Card was spoiled, causing the data not to read by the command line.

Sandisk 8GB Mirco SD Card Data Recovery Service

When our data recovery specialist first receive this SD Card from the customer. He performs an entire scan of the SD Card, makes sure there is no damage of the cover after find everything was fine. Next, he inserts the SD Card into the card slot, open our data recovery tool try to analysis the condition. As per what other data recovery specialist said, this SD Card the PCI is spoiled. To repair this one, we need to use copper wire connect the chip sheet, to do this, our data specialist needs to use soldering kits to solder the copper wire to different part of the sheet, by to do this, he needs to do some research before soldering, make sure all the parts are connected correctly.

Sandisk 8GB Mirco SD Card Data Recovery Service

After soldering, next our data recovery specialist needed to find out how to configure the connected PCI, from the picture below, we can see that all the SD Card is makeup of 8 data line and 6 command line, in order to make it work, our data recovery specialist needs to find out the order for the 8 data line, and see how to configure the command line in order for them to reach the data line. To do this, he needs to use one of the data recovery tools to analysis the SD Card.

Sandisk 8GB Mirco SD Card Data Recovery Service


Upon done with the configuration, we inserted it into the EXT Controller to find out the whether the memory ID is readable, the result shows everything is ok, we manage to read the data.


The customer was satisfied with our fast and efficient service.

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