SanDisk Cruzer Blade Thumb Drive Data Recovery

Ever Higher data recovery specialists receive a undetectable thumb drive from one of our anxious customer to seek our assistant to retrieve the important data.

Previously, he have seek for data recovery services to retrieve his thumb drive without any success. Our data recovery specialist has access the undetectable thumb drive.
thumb drive data recovery singapore
We have realize the thumb drive detectable under our data recovery equipment but not able to readable the data. We have seek the permission from our customers to remove his thumb drive disclosure for our further data recovery process.

thumb drive disclosure

After remove the thumb drive disclosure cover, our data recovery specialists chip off the memory chips and attach to our data recovery equipments.

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Once we successfully connect the thumb drive memory chip to our data recovery equipments, we select the entire flash chip model and dump the entire chip to our equipments computers.

thumb drive data recovery singapore

After successfully dump the chip, we look at the dump and can see it looks like some white noise. In technical level, it means our data recovery specialist have to do the XOR Convertion.

thumb drive data recovery singapore
After XOR Convertion,

thumb drive data recovery singapore

Once we find out the right XOR convertion, is the time for our data recovery specialist to make some magic for our customers.

thumb drive data recovery singapore

After few hour of hard work.
Wow! Amazing!!!

All the data from thumb drive have successfully recovered.

thumb drive data recovery singapore

All the documents can be readable and we manage to recover 90% of the data for our Customer. We are glad and happy to help our customers to recover all his important data back.

thumb drive data recovery service singapore

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