Sandisk SD Card Undetectable

Sandisk Extreme SD Card 64GB

Case description:

A customer contacted us to enquiry about data recovery for SD card. It is a 64 GB Sandisk Extreme card. The SD card was use on camera, Sony CANON EOS R used for video shooting. One day, user realized the SD card stopped working after they switched the SD card to another camera. So, he switches it back to the original camera, but it still does not work. Subsequently, the user tried to read the SD card on laptop by using a card reader, but the card is undetectable and inaccessible. All data were not back up yet and the content is crucial as it will be used for their client’s marketing purposes. They have a tight timeline as the video footage were not edited. If the data are not recoverable and they will need to reshoot again, and it will delay the completion of the project.


Action (Solution):

After the registration, we proceed with the diagnosis. Firstly, our recovery specialist removed the casing of this SD card and checked if there is any physical damage. No physical damage found on the chip except the casing of the SD card were slightly damaged. Then, we tried to access the SD card, but it is inaccessible. After the diagnosis, recovery specialist confirmed that the NAND Flash Chip of the SD card was faulty. We proceed with the recovery, monolithic data recovery method used by accessing data directly from the flash memory.


The Outcome

The data recovery was successful, they checked the data and were happy with the result of the recovery, all the videos were recovered.



All the storage device such as SD card, hard drive, thumb drive, SSD, flash memory chip will degrade and wear down over the time. If you have issues accessing from the one of your storage devices, please feel free to contact us for a diagnosis for the faulty storage device.

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