Sandisk Ultra SD Card

Sandisk Ultra SD Card

Case description:

A customer contacted us for SD card recovery. It’s a Sandisk Ultra 128GB SD card.  This SD card was used in the camera, but the SD card became undetectable by the camera. Then, it was removed from the camera and re-insert again, but the situation remained the same. This SD card was then removed and connect through a PC and it is still undetectable. All families and precious photo were saved in this SD card, the data are not backup to any computer or other storage device. Subsequently, this SD card sent to a computer repair shop for recovery through software level. They manage to retrieve some data, but most of the pictures are corrupted.

Action (Solution):

EHDR’s data recovery specialist assists to check the SD Card condition. It’s undetectable by computer and other recovery tools. Its’ NAND flash chip degraded, which causes data inaccessible. However, there have no short-circuit which recovery is still possible. After communicating with our client, service confirmed and EHDR’s recovery specialist proceed with the recovery.  Monolithic data recovery method used for this Micro SD card. Monolithic data recovery need to identify the pinout point on the SD card and perform a data dumping from it, decoding and verification is needed before data extraction. Decoding is the crucial process because it will affect the extracted data either readability, or corrupted.

The Outcome

Our recovery specialist successfully extracts the data from this degraded NAND flash chip, our client comes to our recovery centre to verify all salvageable data. According to our client, most of the data are available, only a small amount of corrupted data which is not that important.


If you have a faulty NAND flash chip such as a thumb drive or SSD, do not forcefully read the data from it. If it is not handled in a proper method, the whole chip might be affected or short-circuit and the complexity level of recovery will be increased.

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