SD Card Recovered (Software Level)

SANDISK 256 GB SD Card Recovered (Software Level)


Problem Description:

A client come to our recovery centre. His thumb drive inaccessible. Recently client tried to connect it to PC, a message that asked user to format this SD card. User need her photo from this SD card, we help this client to check through the SD card and identify the chips condition.


SD card


Advantage of this Case:

User did not use any other third party software to scan his SD card, the condition of SD card was maintained properly.


Action to be taken:

According to our recovery Specialist, this is related to software level error. The partition of SD card was partially lost and causes the chips unable to access. It is not a complicated recovery process and our team is confident in recovery.



We manage to recovery all recoverable data from this server and the outcome is positive.


The Lesson

 Data recovery process will not be complex if the storage media was handle properly without any inappropriate action.

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