Seagate 2.5” hard disk – ST2000LM007

Seagate 2.5” hard disk Clicking

15 December 2022 Seagate 2TB

Initial Cause of Data Loss

A customer contacted us to diagnose a Seagate 2.5” hard disk – ST2000LM007, when he tries to access the drive on his computer, his PC cannot detect the hard disk, and there’s a slight clicking sound from the hard disk. He tried to access on an Apple computer, the clicking sound disappeared but on his iMac also cannot detect the hard disk. He bought a SATA hard disk enclosure to try to access the hard disk but failed. He tried to use online software to recover the data from the drive but unsuccessful, the online software he downloaded cannot detect the hard disk. He had a lot of important document and photo needs to be recovered.

HDD Drives Recovery

EHDR’s data recovery specialist proceeds to diagnose the hard drive. The hard drive is not detectable and inaccessible. The issue is because of the read/write heads are faulty, and it is making clicking noise. Data recovery is possible if the platters of the hard disk are not scratched or damaged by the faulty read/write heads. However, if the hard disk platter is damaged, recovery rate will be lower, or recovery will be unsuccessful. After service confirmation, our recovery specialist check and confirm that the platter is in good condition, not damaged, recovery will be possible.

Data Recovery Outcome

Data recovery was successful, recovered data were transferred to a new backup hard disk. He checked the data and happy that all the data were recoverable. All the documents and photos are readable.


All types of data storage device will degrade over time due to wear and tear, even for SSD, thumb drive or hard disk. It is best to have a backup of your data to avoid device failure and data loss. However, if you have not done any backup and would like to recover your precious memory or data. Please feel free to drop us an enquiry.

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