Seagate 2.5 Mobile 1TB Hard Disk Data Recovery Service From Encrypted Disk

Problem Description:

A customer had sent in one Seagate 2.5 Mobile HDD 1TB hard disk to seek help from our data recovery service.

Seagate 2.5 Mobile HDD Data Recovery Service in Singapore

According to customer description, this hard disk shows a misreport disk size when connected to the computer.

Seagate 2.5 Mobile HDD Data Recovery Service

Action to be taken:

According to customer description, Ever Higher data recovery specialist suspects that the hard disk firmware is corrupted.

So, our data recovery specialist opens the recovery tools to diagnosis the hard disk, but the information of hard disk was not showing, like the hard disk serial number, firmware version, capacity. There is encryption blocking user to access the data, so our data recovery specialist did some configuration to decrypt hard disk, and now the parts of information were able to read as follows.

And our data recovery specialist had encountered another issue the translator error, where it serves as an intermedia to find the user data, and with this error, we still not able to see the capacity. So, our data recovery specialist needs to reset the translator to the factory mode.

And now all the information is readable, See the picture below. Next step is to back up the customer data to our backup disk, and do the testing on our backup disk, as we don’t want to cause more problem to customer hard disk.

Seagate 2.5 Mobile HDD Data Recovery Service


All the documents can be readable, and we manage to recover 100% of the data for our Customer. We are glad and happy to help our customers to recover all his important data back.

Seagate 2.5 Mobile HDD Data Recovery Service

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