Seagate 3.5” Desktop HDD – ST2000DM001

SATA Seagate 3.5” HDD - Failed to Boot Up(Desktop)

Case description:

A customer contacted us to diagnose for her SATA Seagate 3.5” Desktop HDD - ST2000DM001. It was used as internal drive on her PC. One day, her PC cannot boot up normally, it still managed to power on, but it failed to load the windows OS. After that, she checked in the BIOS, and it shows that no storage drive were detected. Subsequently, the HDD Removed from the desktop and connect to another computer and checked the status under disk management. Hard drive detected, but it only shows 3.68GB.  Then, tried to read the drive with a docking station, but inaccessible. Ever since then, the user had heard screeching / clicking noise on subsequent connection and the hard drive if not detectable thereafter.

Action (Solution):

EHDR’s data recovery specialist proceeds to diagnose the hard drive. Health checks were excluded due to there’s a screeching / clicking noise to avoid further damage. Our recovery specialist opened the enclosure of the hard drive in our cleanroom to check the platter’s condition. The platters of the drive were scratched by the faulty read write heads when she tried to access repeatedly. Whenever the platters of the drive were scratched, some of the data on the drive will be lost and not recoverable anymore and the recovery rate for hard drive will depend on the condition of the platter.

The Outcome

Data recovery was successfully done, and all the recoverable data were transferred to a new hard drive. It was good that she never opened the enclosure of the drive and try to change or adjust the hardware component, otherwise the recovery rate will be even lower or not recoverable.


Not all the drives come with scratches can be recovered. In some cases, if the scratches were too severe, then nothing can be recovered. If you have a faulty hard drive, try not to access the drive repeatedly otherwise it may damage the platter. If you encountered such issue, do not attempt to access the data forcefully, contact a data recovery centre Singapore and seek for an advice. Act carefully, your data matters.

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