Seagate External Hard Drive Recovery

Seagate 2.5” HDD 1TB

Case description:

A customer engaged us to diagnose a Seagate 2.5" 1TB portable hard drive. Recently, when she tried to use a working file on the drive, the OS hangs turned to blue screen. She restarted the PC and this external hard disk undetectable anymore. She tried on different PCs, but all appears to be the same. The disk is still spinning when connected to the PC but undetectable. She never dropped the hard drive before and when she connected the drive, there were no abnormal sound from the drive. She has more than 3 years of work files and emails from work on the drive and they are very important for her.  

Action (Solution):

Singapore data recovery specialist proceeds to diagnose the hard drive. It is not detectable but the motor on the drive spins up normally. There is a very soft clicking noise from the drive when connected to recovery machine. The read/write heads of the hard drive are malfunctioning, it causes the drive failed to access and read the data sectors from the drive. The data recovery is still possible if the platters are in good condition. After the confirmation with our client, we start the recovery and it need to be done in the cleanroom.  

The Outcome

We managed to recover the data from the hard drive. Data extracted consist of the original name and file structure because the platter is well maintained. Our client checked the data and mentioned that all the files were recovered.


When it comes to a storage device, no matter what type of drive you choose, there is always a chance for device failure. Remember to back up your data properly as you will not be able to know when will the drive failed. As a Singapore data recovery centre, our data recovery specialists have experience in recovering data from all brands and models, feel free to seek for our advice if anything.

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