Seagate Hard Disk Recovery Service

Seagate Hard Disk Recovery Service

Recently we receive a Seagate Hard disk from customer to seek our help to get back the important data which contain all the company document and project. She tells us that one of colleague from the same company who had use our data recovery service before, was quite satisfied about our service so introduce her to our data recovery service.Seagate Hard Disk Data Recovery Service

As usual every time when do hard disk data recovery service, our data recovery specialist always checks the conditions of hard disk, make sure there is not physical damage like burn mark, bump on the enclose.

After found out everything was fine. Our data recovery specialist plugs in the hard disk drive to the computer, beside the disk management unable to detect the hard drive, there was also an unusual kind of loud sound which indicate that the read/write head spoiled, or motor spoiled.

As our data recovery specialist suspect there is physical damage within the hard disk itself, so he decided to open the hard disk drive for further inspection.Seagate Hard Disk Data Recovery Service

When doing the surgery, our data recovery specialist went into the clean room to ensure no additional dust fall on the platter to prevent further damaging the hard drive during inspection.

Upon opening the hard drive, he first tests out the read/write head using the hand to move see whether it is hard to move around, after found out everything was fine, next he try to examine the motor and found out the motor is a bit stuck to the axis which indicate the internal of the motor is spoiledSeagate Hard Disk Data Recovery Service

After found out the reason, our data recovery specialist suggests that we should perform a one for one exchange of motor, and the replacement of the motor was quite a complicated work as we need to slowly and carefully remove all the platter before we can replace the motor. So our data recovery specialist take extra attention to avoid causing any scratch to the platter.Seagate Hard Disk Data Recovery ServiceSeagate Hard Disk Data Recovery Service

After surgery, to ensure the hard disk data recovery service is success, our data recovery specialist insert the hard disk drive to our data recovery tool, and test whether it manage to reach to our hard disk data recovery tools. After checking every was fine, our data specialist plugs the hard disk drive back to computer, this time round, computer was able to detect the hard drive, and the sound was back to normal. We are grad that we can help to save our customer data back.

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