Seagate HDD Recovery – ST2000LM007

PC Cannot Detect HDD

21 April 2022 – Seagate 2TB data recovery singapore

Case description:

A customer contacted us to recover his SATA Seagate 2.5” hard drive - ST2000LM007. It is a USB portable hard disk used for data storage. When he connected the hard drive to his MacBook, a clicking sound was encountered. His iMac cannot detect the hard disk as well. He tried to check under disk utilities but the HDD is not accessible. Changed the USB cable and connected it to another personal computer, but the situation remained the same. Subsequently, he visited an IT shop nearby his house for a check, and they mentioned the hard drive issue. It was faulty, which causes this external hard drive inaccessible.

Action (Solution):

He drops his HDD at the EHDR centre for assessment(with appointment). Our data recovery specialist proceeds to diagnose the hard drive. The spindle motor spins up successfully, but a clicking noise comes from this hard drive. The root cause of failure is the faulty read/write heads, clicking occurs because the transducer is contacting with the platters surface of this drive. After the assessment, the result showed that recovery is possible if the platters are maintained in good condition or not severely scratched.   

The Outcome

Data recovery was successful, and all the recovered data were transferred to a new hard drive. It was good that he stopped trying to access it after he hears the clicking noise, if too many attempts or leaving the clicking drive connected to a computer, it might cause damage to the platters, and the recovery rate will be lower or not possible to recover anymore.   


If you have a faulty hard drive or any other storage media having the above situation and you would like to recover the data. Please feel free to contact us for a free assessment.

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