Seagate Laptop Thin HardDisk Data Recovery Service

Seagate Laptop Thin HardDisk Data Recovery Service

Recently, we received a case on Seagate hard disk. According to what this customer says his laptop primary had not enough storage so he went to the online retail store and buy a new one, but within a month, the laptop cannot boot up normally due to the system cannot find the hard disk. This customer had approached our data recovery service because of our good review and high recovery rate.

Seagate Thin Harddisk Data Recovery Service

As usual, when our data recovery specialist first received this hard disk drive, he performs an entire scan of the hard disk, makes sure there is damage on the hard disk. After checking, he found out that this hard disk is unusual as compared to another laptop thin hard disk, this one was much thicker, he suspects that the hard disk is fake one, to find out more evidence, our data recovery specialist plus in the hard disk to computer, and open out the recovery tool.

Seagate Thin Harddisk Data Recovery Service

And the result shows he is correct, the serial number shows on the tag is different from the recovery tool, which means this is a fake hard disk, some manufacturer will repair old hard disk and stick a new tag and sells to the customer. So now the problem is to find out the original model by reading the ROM and PCB Board number.

Seagate Thin Harddisk Data Recovery Service

From the picture below, we can see that this hard disk is from family Wyatt and the family Id is 3C, so we first rewrite back the original firmware in order to do some basic configuration. Next, we can see the read/write head type is Circle Preamp Type and ServoFw Rew, so we need to change the head back to its original head.


When come to open the disk drive, our data specialist went into the clean room, the purpose is to prevent any dust fall onto the disk and cause more problem.


After replacing the whole read/write head, our data recovery specialist using the data recovery tool to test the hard disk, see whether the read/write head is working normally. And he found out that everything is fine and now the data is readable, so our data recovery specialist clones out the data and transfer them into a new laptop thin hard disk.


We had achieved another success case, we give our customer a suggestion that do not buy any cheap hard disk as those hard disks may had problem. The customer was happy about our data recovery service and willing to accept our suggestion.

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