Seagate Mobile 1TB Harddisk Data Recovery Service

Recently we receive a Seagate Mobile HDD from one of our panicked customers to seek our assistant to retrieve the important data from this Harddisk. He had to find serval data recovery service but none of them were able to recover the data back, the reason was this is a new type of Harddisk which was built with the firmware lock, So most of the data recovery service center was not familiar with this type of technology, but not include us, as our data recovery specialist always upgrade their data recovery skill to solve such problems.

Seagate 1TB Harddisk Data Recovery Service

When we first receive this Harddisk, we double check if there had any damage to the hard disk itself, whether on the ports or surface. After which we try to plug in the hard disk to see the condition of the hard disk but was fail as the disk management was unable to detect the hard disk, so our data recovery specialist suspect that the read/write head was spoiled causing the issue.

Seagate 1TB Harddisk Data Recovery Service

When it comes to opening customer harddisk, our data recovery specialist go into a clean room, because he wants to takes extra caution to ensure no additional dust gets into the hard drive to prevent further damaging the hard drive during the inspection.

Seagate 1TB Harddisk Data Recovery Service

When it comes to surgery part, our data recovery specialist found out that this type of new hard disk comes with two new things, first one the cover was replaced by the sticker which means when we tear off the sticker, we can directly see all the part inside, so we need to be careful, not spoiled the sticker as we need to cover it back after the surgery finished. Another thing was the assembly of read\write head was change, old type of hard disk, when we take off the screw, the read\write head would be able to take out, but the new one cannot do like this, we need to remove the unscrew holder and read\write head together to take out the whole set.

Seagate 1TB Harddisk Data Recovery Service

After that, we replace the new set of read\write head and reassemble everything back. Next, our data recovery specialist brings the “new” hard disk in front of the computer, perform a check to see whether everything was fine. After found out everything was able to detect by our recovery tool, the final step was to unlock the firmware and clone out the data.

Seagate 1TB Harddisk Data Recovery Service

Our data specialist using the data recovery tool to unlock the firmware, we can see that after unlocking the firmware, all the information can be viewed. Next, we need to do a backup of ROM, and sys file to prevent anything we do wrong, we can still able to recover back using these backup files. And everything was being backup, we start the cloning process.

Seagate 1TB Harddisk Data Recovery Service


Seagate 1TB Harddisk Data Recovery Service

Finally we manage to recovery all the customer data back, customer was very satisfact of our data recovery service.

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