Server Data Recovery

Could Not Detect Nor Establish A Connection With the server

2 March 2023 – 6x 2TB Toshiba

Initial Cause of Data Loss

Data loss can have severe consequences for any business. This was the case with one of our clients, who contacted us after experiencing sudden data loss on their server. Our data recovery specialists diagnosed the server with six Toshiba 2TB - DT01ACA200 hard drives. They found that it was not detecting any disks.

Server Data Recovery

Our team attempted to access the disks via LAN cable and on a docking station, but they still could not detect them. Upon further analysis, we discovered that two hard drives had experienced hardware failure, which caused the server to crash. The read/write heads of the disks were faulty, but there were no clicking or screeching sounds, indicating that the hard drive platters may not have been damaged.

Data Recovery Outcome

We proceeded with the recovery process, following cleanroom recovery requirements for the two hard drives with hardware failure. Our team cloned all the drives to a new drive for data recovery. This process required a slightly longer time for data recovery. Still, it ensured that the original hard drives were not affected and that subsequent recovery attempts would be possible.


Fortunately, our team successfully recovered all of the client's data, and they were thrilled with the results. We recommend that businesses prioritize data backup solutions to prevent the devastating consequences of data loss. However, if you experience data loss, contact EHDR's data recovery specialists for advice or a free diagnosis.

Keep data loss from bringing your business to a halt. Trust EHDR to help you recover your data and keep your business running smoothly.

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