Sony MicroVault Thumb Drive Data Recovery

Sony Thumb Drive Data Recovery

One of our anxious Customer had send in a spoiled USB which is unable to be opened by the user and detect by user laptop.

this is the spoiled usb thumb drive customer send in that they cannot detect from PC

When our data recovery specialist plugs the spoiled thumb drive to a USB port, it will prompt user to format the USB before you can use it and furthermore it is not recognised when we check the thumb drive under the disk management.

when plugged into PC it will prompt you to format disk before you can use it when checking the disk management it will the removable USB as no media

Additionally, our data recovery specialist run the spoiled USB thumb drive using Hex Editor for further analysis in order to determine type of failure of the USB thumb drive. Our data recovery specialist have ensure to our customer regard his USB thumb drive is a logical issue as under the data recovery software, the USB thumb drive data mark as UNREADABLESECTOR which indicates the data is completely inaccessible.

using a hex decoder like WinHex to determine if it is a logical partition issue unfortunately it shows the partitions was unreadable sector

Our customer require to our data recovery service to further recover back all his important data under his thumb drive. We have proceed to do physical inspection of the USB thumb drive. Our Data Recovery specialist first dissemble the USB thumb drive components.

our engineer took apart the USB parts into individual components for further inspection

After that, our data recovery specialist took out the memory chip that house all the user data, files and folders under the USB thumb drive.

take out the memory chip of the USB and label the memory chip 1 and 2 to denote the front and back

After extracting the chip, we place the memory chip on a data recovery card reader and use a data recovery software to access and read the information about the memory chip.

we take the memory chip and run a scan to determine if the firmware is readable or not

The process itself will take some time to finish. After scan and read is done. The files can now be detected and recovered accordingly!

after running the recovery software on the memory chip

After several hour of hard works, our data recovery specialist enable to assist our customers to recover 99% all the important data from his undetectable thumb drive.

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