SSD Recovery

Intel M.2 256GB Solid-State Drive (SSD)

Case description:

A customer engaged us to diagnose an Intel M.2 256 GB Solid-State Drive (SSD), it is an internal SSD used for a laptop. The SSD was detectable by computer but failed to access the SSD. When they try to access the SSD, it will take a very long time to load and eventually failed to load. They brought the SSD to an IT shop for a check and the IT shop tried to access the SSD by putting it in another laptop and tried to read it via a SSD enclosure, but both ways also failed to access the SSD. The SSD contain a lot of their work data which urgently needed.

Action (Solution):

EHDR’s data recovery specialist checked the SSD and found that the SSD is detectable by computer but failed to read its SMART information, it hangs when we tried to access the data sectors. There’s also bitlocker enabled for the SSD, all data saved in this SSD are all encrypted. The SSD is degraded and even after the recovery the SSD will not be reusable. Based on the current condition of the SSD, we estimated the success rate of data recovery will be highly possible. After the confirmation with our client and we proceed with the recovery.  The whole data recovery process took around one week and it was successful.

The Outcome

We managed to recover the data from the SSD and the data are in original name and structure. Our client checked the data and mentioned that all the data are recovered and the excel formulas are still works.


If you have a faulty storage device, it is advisable to power off the storage device and look for a professional data recovery specialist or contact us, EHDR.

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