Synology 12 bay NAS DiskStation DS2419+ Data Recovery

Synology 12 bay NAS DiskStation DS2419+ Data Recovery

Problem Description:

We received another data recovery case on Synology NAS DS2419+ comes with 12 HDDs,  According to customer description that the Synology NAS Server can power up and DSM can be signed in, but the data on Synology NAS cannot be read via File Station.

Initially, the client sent the Synology NAS to another party to resolve the problem, in order to make it work. They attempt to fix and configure but failed. Then they realize that it is not simple to work against. So, they decided to engage our data recovery service.

Action to be taken:

1. Consultation team

Collected the hard disk and handled properly with following standard procedures to prevent any further damage to its hard disks. The next step taken out all the hard disk, label with a number to avoid misplacing the order of RAID hard disk.We perform a check to find out the root cause, before providing the solution to the customer.

2. Data Recovery Specialist team 

When our data recovery specialist first received this hard disk drive, do an entire scan of each of the drives. After checking, We found out that root cause and error. Next, we need to identify the order of these 12 disks in the correct position subsequently in order.

During abstracting data from the faulty NAS drive, we cloned all drives and in the recovery process and maintain the condition of the original drive.

After the clone is done. Our data recovery specialist plugs all the cloned hard disks to the storage server, we will use our software to calculate and analyse the entire RAID structure. So, we find out the NAS configure with RAID 6,

RAID 6 is like RAID 5, but the parity data are written to two drives. That means it requires at least 4 drives and can withstand 2 drives dying simultaneously.

After knowing what is RAID 6, the next step we can use the recovery software to compute all the information, for example, the order, parity delay, and start sector.

After getting all the necessary information. Our data recovery specialist begins to rebuild the entire RAID and recover the data.


Our client is glad that we manage to recover all recoverable data from this NAS Storage. The raw picture and video which recovered still remain the previous original high resolution.

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