Synology 4 bay NAS DS418play Data Recovery

Synology 4 Bay NAS DS418play Data Recovery

With reference to the case that data recovery attempts by the customer without seeking the professional recovery centre at the initial though.

Case description:

We received another data recovery case on Synology NAS DS418play. According to the customer description that the Synology NAS cannot access and the file cannot be read via File Station.  The first moment we received The NAS HDDs, not in the right position of subsequent number and All HDDs have taken out without label the numbers.

How the data important to the customer

They were running a professional photography business in Singapore and Malaysia. The NAS storage contains mostly project/marriage photos that were lost.

Recovery attempts by the customer

The customer tried to research online through various methods and finding the official service centre to make NAS work again but failed. Due to the severity of uncertainty problem occurrence, the service provider recommended for engagement with Ever Higher Data Recovery Centre to help diagnose the data loss situation. The customer contacted Ever Higher Data Recovery Centre to help analysis  the faulty  NAS storage and wanted to retrieve the data stored in NAS storage


Action( Solution)  taken :

Data Recovery Specialist team:

When our data recovery specialist first received this hard disk drive, an entire scan of each of the drives. After checking, We found out that root cause and error. Next, we need to identify the order of these 4 disks in the correct position subsequently in order. The next cloning entire NAS system into the recovery machine. The way allowed the recovery of the NAS storage without further damage to the data and without compromising the validity of data. Our data recovery specialist team use in-house software to calculate and analyse the entire RAID structure. The diagnostic assessment carried out by the data recovery specialist team determined that the NAS HDDs come with mechanical physically damaged.   In previous, data had suffered further damage when misconfiguring and misplacing of the HDDs.  these can make things even more complicated and influence the original data. Following this recovery on NAS HDD in the recovery lab. The outcome is the case is a failure. The portion of the data overwritten and the images reverse and mess. In the final stage, Image analysis was carried out and consider developing a program to get back the particular photos.

 The Outcome

Ever Higher Data Recovery Specialist team had recovered all critical pictures. The customer appreciates the team willing to solve the problem beyond the data recovery ability.

The Lesson

Data loss is a common issue. Finding a solution through the internet is one of the channels. However, the risk it occurs it can cause should not be overlooked and remember to seek advice from trustable expertise to minimize the risk and solve the problem accurately.

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