Synology 8 Bay NAS Build With Raid 6 Data Recovery Service

Problem Description:

We had received a Synology DS1815+ 8 Bay NAS from one of our customer.

Synology 8 Bay NAS Data Recovery Service In Singapore

This is an 8 bay Synology NAS build with raid 6 according to our anxious customer. This Synology NAS had been used for 3 years, and now the log center shows one of hard disk tries to rebuild, but was not success, so they had purchased a new hard disk try to rebuild back their raid 6, but when they insert the new hard disk inside the NAS, all the data were missing. Now they engaged our data recovery service to recover all their important data back.

Synology 8 Bay NAS Data Recovery Service In Singapore

Action to be taken:

After receive 8 bay Synology NAS, Ever Higher Data Recovery Specialist do our inhouse NAS data recovery services methodology. Our Data Recovery Specialist checks through entire Synology NAS logs and all the attach NAS hard disk to ensure there is not damaged such like a short circuit, crack mark on the surface. Upon confirming everything is fine, next our data recovery specialist took out all the 8 hard disk, one by one check their hard disk condition.

Synology 8 Bay NAS Data Recovery Service In Singapore

After done of testing, our data recovery specialist found out one of hard disk belong to hardware failure, the Read/Write Hard of the hard disk is degraded, and the customer had sent the new purchased hard disk without the original one. This had caused a problem to our data recovery specialist, as we need the original one to calculate the disk order, parity, starting sector.

Synology 8 Bay NAS Data Recovery Service In Singapore

After a few tried, our data recovery specialist managed to calculate out the necessary info, he connects all the hard disk to the computer, inputs the parameter he got, all the data were found. Now our data recovery specialist needs to clone out all the data. And perform a one to one NAS recovery to customer new NAS. All the data is recovered and extract to new storage medias.

Synology 8 Bay NAS Data Recovery Service In Singapore


We are glad that we managed to recover all the important data back for our customer, the customer was appreciated for our hard work as they thought they cannot get back their data back.

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