Synology NAS Data Recovery Service with Raid 5 Rebuild

Synology NAS Build With Raid 5 Data Recovery Service

Problem Description:

Recently, we received an inquiry on recovery a Synology NAS, the person from IT department had found out that one of the hard disks had offline, so he had bought a new hard disk to replace the offline one. He knows that their NAS is built with RAID 5, which means if one of hard disk failed, they can still recover data using the rest, but when the person wanted to replace the offline hard disk with new hard disk, he accidentally took out the wrong hard disk that is in good condition, now everything was unreadable.

Synology NAS Data Recovery Service In Singapore

Action to be taken:

When Ever Higher Data Recovery Specialist first receives this hard disk, he plugs all the 5 hard disks into the data recovery tools and performs a diagnostic test. The purpose is to find which hard disk was offline, and which hard disk was newly replace one, so our data recovery specialist can start to rebuild the RAID 5.

Synology NAS Data Recovery Service In Singapore

After finding out the offline and determine all the correct hard disk, now our data recovery specialist begin to rebuild the raid 5, he needs to find out which block order for this raid and the parity delay. After a testing, our data recovery specialist found out the raid is in left-asynchronous order and the parity delay time is 16. Now he needs to connect all hard disk to our data recovery tools and create a virtual hard disk to replace the offline one.

And after performing a scan of the rebuilt raid 5, all the data that customer wants had been shown. Now we just backup the data to our backup disk, and show to the customer.

Synology NAS Data Recovery Service In Singapore


We manage to save customer business as all their customer information and staff information was been fully recovered. They are appreciating our hard work, and we are glad that we can help to recover their data back.

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