Synology NAS DS410 Recovery

Synology NAS DS410

Case description:

A customer contacted us to diagnose for his Synology NAS DS410, it is a 4 bay NAS, and he has 3x 6TB and a 2TB hard drives. The NAS faced hard drive failure since a month ago. He tried to replace the faulty hard drive, and everything is back in order. A few days later, he tried upgrade 2TB hard drive to a 6TB hard drive, when he inserts the new 6TB drive and restart the NAS, it prompts that there’s a hard drive failed and crashed and another hard drive in the drive needs to be initialized. He tried to run the smart test on all the drives and found that there’s a drive failed. He tried to restart the NAS again, but the NAS is unstable. He configured it with Synology Hybrid RAID which has redundancy and able to tolerate 1 hard disk failure, but he failed to access the NAS. Subsequently, the NAS crashed and inaccessible.

Action (Solution):

EHDR’s data recovery specialist proceeds with the diagnostic and found that one of the hard drives is facing hardware error, the read/write head of the drive failed which cause the data sectors inaccessible. The new 6TB drive that he wanted to upgrade is empty and it does not have any data. The other two 6TB hard drives are working fine. The NAS has a multiple RAID system which causes it to crash and inaccessible. After the confirmation, we proceed with the recovery.

The Outcome

The recovery is successful, and we set up the NAS and transfer all the data back into the NAS. He is happy that all the data are recovered.  


If your NAS is inaccessible, do not attempt to restart it again and again. You may trigger it to reinitialize the whole device. Seek for professional advice or feel free to contact us for further advice.

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