Thumb Drive 128GB

Sandisk Thumb Drive 128GB

Case description:

A customer need to recover data from his Sandisk thumb drive – 128GB. It is a company thumb drive which had been used for more than 3 years. Everything was working fine until last week when he tried to access a file on the thumb drive, but the thumb drive became undetectable. He tried to disconnect the thumb drive and reconnect again. Sometimes it can still be detected, but it only lasts for a few second and it disconnected again. He tried on different USB ports and a laptop, but the symptom remained the same. The thumb drive contains many work files which is very crucial.

Action (Solution):

User arranged an appointment with us and our recovery specialist assist to assess the drive for him. We tear off the enclosure of the thumb drive and perform an in-depth check on the NAND flash chip. There is no chips or controller on the board. After checking through the chips, there is not cracked or physical damage. The NAND flash chip failed due to degraded. Based on the condition of this chip, data recovery is still possible. A Monolithic recovery method is needed. This method will take some time to dump all the data from the chip and decode it if successfully dumped. As the data are urgently needed, EHDR appointed a recovery specialist to focus only on this case.

The Outcome

The out of this recovery is positive, we managed to recover the data from this degraded NAND flash chip in 3 days. We contacted our client and to check through all the extracted data.  The crucial data are available, and he is satisfied with the recovery outcome.


If you have a faulty thumb drive and require data recovery services, please feel free to contact us for a free assessment. Try not to access the drive without a proper advice, because you are the crucial factors that decide the complexity of the recovery process.

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