Verbatim Thumb Drive 4GB

Case description:

A customer contacted us to recover data for her Verbatim thumb drive – 4GB. It is an old thumb drive which she used more than 6 years. Everything worked fine until last week when she tried to use a document files on the thumb drive, but the thumb drive is inaccessible. She tried on a different computer, but it is still inaccessible. She never dropped the thumb drive or pulled the thumb drive without properly eject. The thumb drive contains her children’s baby photo and some work files and that is the only copy she has. She did not know the thumb drive will became faulty over the time and inaccessible. The photos were taken with mobile phone 10 years ago and the mobile phone is no longer with her, it is unable for her to retrieve the data from the mobile phone anymore.


Action (Solution):

After the confirmation, EHDR’s data recovery specialist proceeds to check for her thumb drive, we tear down the enclosure of the thumb drive and perform a detailed check for the thumb drive. The PCB board and the chip are in good condition, no physical damage and no loose connector were found on the PCB board, and all the connectors are intact and properly connected. After the diagnosis, the issue of the thumb drive to fail is because aging and wear down. It is not a monolithic device and data recovery can be done via chip off data recovery. Proper procedure to chip off the memory chip from the PCB board is required to prevent data loss and damage to the memory chip.


The Outcome

The data recovery is successful, and we managed to recover the data from the faulty thumb drive. She checked the data and were happy that the data were recoverable.



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