Touro External Hard Disk Data Recovery

Touro External Hard Disk Data Recovery

One of our customer had sent in his Touro external hard drive that can't be detected by his PC or laptop. Existing Hard drive have been open by another data recovery center and recover without success.

data recovery singapore

data recovery singapore

When we first plug in power to the portable hard drive, our engineer noticed a loud sound coming from this drive which indicate that the drive motor is spin in an unusual speed, this probably due to the unbalance of spindle inside electrical motor or any squash on cover and cause the friction in between.

When come to open customer hard drive part. Our engineer went into clean room to make sure no dust will fall onto the surface of platter.

So, our engineer first suspect there is damage within the power circuit, he decided to change a new power circuit for the drive.

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Next, our engineer also notices that there is a black mark on the surface of inner cover. Which means that there is friction in between the motor and the inner cover. So, data recovery engineer have decides to change the cover as well.

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Lastly, our data recovery engineer transfers the customer platter into a new drive base

data recovery singapore

data recovery singapore

After data recovery surgery, we use our Data Recovery Tool, and test Hard Disk heads to ensure it manage to reach by our hard disk recover tools. And found out that data is been restore successfully.

For this case, we have managed to recover up to 99% of all of his data.


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