Verbatim 256GB SD Card Data Recovery Service

Verbatim 256GB SD Card Data Recovery Service

Problem Description:
We had received a 256GB SD Card from a customer.
According to customer description, he was taking photos and the photos could be previewed with the camera just fine. However, when he wanted to transfer the photos to computer, the photos could not be opened, and the error message below was shown instead “Windows Photo Viewer can't open this file because the file appears to be damaged, corrupted, or is too large”
He wants to recover his photo back as these photos belong to memories of company staff.

Verbatim 256GB SD Card Data Recovery_ Ever Higher In Singapore

Action to be taken:
When Ever Higher Data Recovery Specialist first receive this thumb drive, he plugs in the SD Card to computer, most of the photo can be view but except for most recent one, our data recovery engineer suspects that this SD Card is a fake, our engineer needs to open enclosure and perform a monolithic data recovery to find more information to prove whether he is correct.
Our engineer had open out the card adapter, found out that behind the SD card there is a part number which states the SD Card is 16GB. From there, our engineer had proven his previous suspicion, there had no chance to recover the photo back.

Verbatim 256GB SD Card Data Recovery_ Ever Higher In Singapore

We are sad to tell our customer that this SD Card is fake, our engineer suggests that don’t buy those cheap SD Card from online, those SD Card may be a defect and the seller just reprogrammed for bigger capacity and paste an inconsistent labeling. 

Read here to spot a fake SD Card :

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