Water Damaged Phone Recovery

Water Damaged Mobile Phone Recovery- Iphone 4

Case description:

A customer contacted us to recover data from an iPhone 4 (16GB) which is owned by her mother. The phone failed due to water damaged. After the phone contacted with water, she manages to boot it up, but it only accessible for 1 minute and blackout thereafter. Subsequently, she tried to boot it up while connected to the charger, but the condition remained the same, the phone shuts down automatically. This device contained their precious memories such as photos & videos from years ago. After making an appointment with us, she drops by our Singapore recovery centre for the assessment service before recovery.

Action (Solution):

With their permission, our recovery specialist dissembles the device for assessment purposes. Based on the condition, the estimated success rate of recovery is only at 60%. After communicating with her, she decided to proceed with the recovery option that provided by recovery specialist. EHDR’s recovery specialist proceeds to recover the data from the NAND Flash chip. Originally, we estimated that the recovery process might take up to 12 business days. But, It took us only 5 days and data are successfully extracted. The extracted information is stored in new storage media for her verification.

The Outcome

We contacted our customer to drop by our recovery center to verify the extracted data. Back then, she thought that the photos and videos is not recoverable, but the outcome surprise her and she is very happy when she looks through all the data. According to what she said, all the old photos and videos in this iPhone 4 are recovered and these photos are not corrupted, and videos are playable.


If you have similar issues as above and you hope to retrieve your data from your old mobile device, feel free to reach us. We will assist to assess your drive and provide you the details is recovery is still possible. We will always be here if you do not give up your data.

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