2TB Western Digital 2.5” Portable Hard Drive


Case description:

A customer contacted us to diagnose for her 2TB Western Digital 2.5” portable hard drive WD20NMVW-11W68S0. The hard drive is faulty around 2 days ago, when she connected to her computer, it takes a very long time to detect the hard drive, and when it is connected, she tried to copy some data, but the speed was extremely slow, about 300kb/s, it takes ages to transfer a folder. She suspects something is wrong and chose to transfer some important and urgent data first, she left the transfer overnight and the next morning when she checks on the status, the drive was disconnected automatically and not mounted. She tried to reconnect again, but the drive became undetectable anymore. She tried it on her PC and Mac, but both computers also unable to detect the hard drive. She has a lot of teaching material on the hard drive that needs to be recovered.

Action (Solution):

EHDR’s data recovery specialist proceeds with the diagnosis. Our recovery specialist checked through the hard drive and found that the health condition left only 27%, there were no clicking or beeping sound from the hard drive. The Western digital hard drive can be powered up and the spindle motor of the drive spins up successfully, but the read/write heads of the drive were faulty and causes the drive to fail. Overall, the drive is in decent condition and data recovery is possible.

The Outcome

The data recovery was successful, and we managed to recover the data from the hard drive. We transferred the recovered data to a new external hard drive for our client. She checked the data and happy with the result of the recovery.


If you have a faulty hard drive and you require the data from the hard drive, it will be best to approach a proper data recovery centre. Please feel free to contact us if you require any data recovery services or backup solution.

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