Western Digital 2.5″ 1TB HDD- Endless Loading

WD 1TB 2.5" HDD

Case description:

A customer contacted EHDR regards to his external hard drive (HDD) recovery. It is a Western Digital 1TB HDD, the drive was working fine until a few days ago, this drive reads abnormally slow. The drive still detectable, and he manages to see all the files inside. Some files were accessible, but not all. Certain files will keep loading while he tries to access. He tried to copy all the files to another storage device, it took extremely long hours to transfer and ended up with errors and failed. He decided not to try again as the hard drive contains a lot of important data for his company project.


Action (Solution):

An appointment was made with us. Upon his arrival, we register his HDD details and proceed with the diagnosis. During the diagnosis, we successfully identified the root cause failure of his drive. The health condition of the hard drive deteriorated and left only a few percent due to degraded and faulty read/write heads of this HDD. However, the condition of the hard drive platter was in good condition and data recovery is possible. After we receive his confirmation of service, our recovery specialist puts his HDD in cleanroom and begin with the data recovery.


The Outcome

Finally, we successfully extract most of his data, all data were extracted into a new HDD. Then, he drops by our centre and checked through the data and were happy with the outcome of this recovery. Estimated over 99% of data were recovered, and all the important files for his project recovered.



When your hard drive reacting abnormally, read with extremely slow speed or fail to transfer, it is a sign that the hard drive degraded. Under these circumstances, try not to copy or transfer the files from the hard drive repeatedly as it will burden you HDD and might spoil it. Find out more of other success stories and please feel free to contact us if you have any enquiries.

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