Western Digital 2.5″/3.5 External HDD Recovery

Western Digital 2.5"/3.5 External HDD Recovery

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Case description:

A client came to us with 3 different HDD. All HDD is inaccessible and hoping to get back his photos and videos. All three HDD error differs from each other. There are 2 out from 3 HDD was encrypted by default which need decryption during the recovery and 1 of the drive folder structure was gone due to minor data overwritten which include the crucial data, metadata file. (A file that record the name of files and folder). Without this metadata file, the recovery can only be done based on extension.

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As usual, our Ever Higher Data Recovery specialist analyses all three hard drives, details of drive condition sent to our clients. After much consideration, he decided to proceed with the recovery as he need those data for his client. The outcome of this assessment shows that the recovery is possible.


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The Outcome

Ever Higher Data Recovery Specialist team had retrieved all available folders from 2 drives. But the folder from the 3rd drive abstracted partially due to data overwritten. We have no choice but to abstract data without proper structure to increase the chances of recovery.  This whole process took us 2 weeks and client come to our centre for checking before his collection. Overall, he is satisfied with the outcome of recovery, a hard drive was passed to us to transfer all recovered data. During the data collected, we were informed that he is a professional Wedding videography /photographer and he took some scene about us. A video about us was shared on his YouTube channel!



Most users are equipped with problem solving still. We will always look for an alternative solution to solve our own problem. There are many solution users could get through online surfing, but data tense to overwritten because of some minor mistake. To maximize the chances of recovery, tried not to connect your HDD to any machine if there are weird sound encountered. Because you will never know minor mistake may cause you regret forever.


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