Western Digital 2.5″ HDD Recovered

Western Digital 2.5" HDD Recovered (Hardware Level)

Case description:

A customer faces a problem with his drive. When the drive is connected PC, we can hear that the device connected. Originally all files still accessible, but Mac keeps loading while he tries to open or copy the files from his HDD. Subsequently, the drive undetectable and Mac prompted “Inaccessible”. Photo and video needed. He bring down to us Ever Higher Data Recovery Centre for assessment before recovery.

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As usual, our data recovery specialist analyses this HDD. After analyzing the HDD, details were sent to him. We start the recovery process as soon as we receive a customer’s acknowledgement.


The Outcome

Our recovery specialist successfully recovers data from his HDD. All data are extracted into new HDD. Customer set an appointment with us for data checking. Due to covid-19, an online remote access arranged with the customer. He checks through all the data without coming to our centre. The customer is very satisfied with the outcome of this recovery. An appointment was made for collection purpose. When he arrived in our centre, he mentioned that he is a YouTube and wanted our team to be on his channel. We are glad that our team serves him well and appreciate the time taken in this video. Amount his all video, he hope that “Walking With Autism” can create an awareness in society and it can make a difference in the lives of people.



When you have the same problem from what's stated above, remember not to extract data forcefully or scan it with third party software. This situation is caused by weak read / write head of the HDD. When user tries to extract or read the data from it, it will become a burden to this HDD and end up failing to access. So, when this happened, disconnect your HDD directly and put it aside until you visit authorize recovery centre. By doing this, you will have higher chance in saving all your precious data. Adios!

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