Western Digital 3.5” hard drive – WD Blue Recovery

Western Digital 3.5” HDD Recovery Singapore

Case description:

As a Singapore data recovery centre, a customer engaged us to diagnose a Western Digital 3.5” HDD – WD Blue. The Windows OS was working fine until recently, the software that she used is hang and not responding. She tries to open the task manager and force the program to stop. Then, she tried to run the software again, but it does not open anymore. She thought that it is caused by the background task error, so she restarted the operating system. The computer power up normally, but it failed to load into Windows. BIOS shows that current storage device is not detected. She tried to disconnect the SATA cable and reconnect again, some error encountered. She tried it on another computer, and the situation remains the same. She is a student and there are important assignments and design files saved in this drive for her study.

Action (Solution):

EHDR’s data recovery specialist assesses this HDD. The HDD is detectable by the recovery tool but inaccessible. The health condition of the HDD deteriorated and left only 9%. The read/write heads of the HDD are degraded, which causes it failed to access the data sectors. The condition of the platters is maintained in good condition, the chances of data recovery are very high. There were no scratches found on the platters of the HDD. We start to recover upon her acknowledgement of service and replace the faulty read/write heads in our cleanroom facilities. The data were extracted to another temporary HDD.

The Outcome

We managed to recover the data from the HDD with original name and file structure. Our client checked the data and mentioned that all the data are recovered, and all the design files are working fine.


When it comes to a storage device, no matter what type of drive you choose, there is always a chance for device failure. Feel free to contact our recovery officer and seek for advice.

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