Western Digital 3TB Hard Disk Data Recovery Service

Recently, we had received one Western Digital Hard disk, according to customer say this hard disk cannot be detected by the computer, he had search data recovery from the Google and found our data recovery service.

Western Digital Harddisk 3TB Data Recovery Service

When our engineer first received this hard disk, he checks the entire cover, look for any defect like burn mark, crash etc, after found everything was fine, next he insert the computer and found out that the hard disk was not vibrated which means the PCB board may be spoiled, but we cannot straight chance the PCB, we need to check whether the firmware which ties to the hard disk is still reachable, in order for our engineer to perform a one for one hot-swap PCB board replacement surgery.

Western Digital Harddisk 3TB Data Recovery Service

Western Digital Harddisk 3TB Data Recovery Service

This one to hot-swap surgery require a PCB board that is in the same model number, so it will be the most compatible that will not cause any problem in future.

And the changing of the PCB board must be fast as we need to stop the motor and screw out the PCB board on the spot, and then replace a same model PCB board, this process must be fast as the hard disk may shut down and cause the service area module or any firmware to be damaged.

Although we had replaced a new hard disk, the condition still not so good as in the begin the reading speed still quite fast but decline in some time after, until not reading at all. So, our engineer needs to repeat this process for serval time, so this was quite a miscellaneous process.

Western Digital Harddisk 3TB Data Recovery Service

Western Digital Harddisk 3TB Data Recovery Service

In the end, we still managed to recover the data, as we want to help our customer to recover their important data despite the miscellaneous process. And the customer was very satisfied with our recovery server and willing to give a good review.

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