Western Digital External Hard Disk Data Recovery

Western Digital External Hard Disk Data Recovery

One of our customers send his external hard disk to our office and mention that her hard drive is not able detected by all computer and laptop devices out of sudden. While she hear some kicking sound from her external hard disk for quite some time and she ignore for it.

She have send in her external hard drive to us to carry free consultation and free diagnosis. Ever Higher data recovery specialist have seek our customer permission to remove his external hard drive casing to further diagnose for it.

this is the damaged hard disk received from the customer

After our diagnosis check, Ever Higher data recovery specialists have find out that our customers external hard drive head assembly spoilt which cause her external hard drive not able detect under the laptops or any PCs.

Data recovery specialists have open the hard disks enclosure and temporally 'Shock' the hard drive in order we can detect the hard drive firmware and read the structure of the hard drive.

we run the data recovery software tool to investigate the individual partitions

Our data recovery specialists find the right specific firmware for our customer external hard disks and load inside and we have do specific calculations an inject it.

we are now able to read the information inside the partions

Once structure been fully inject,  WALA! we successfully to view all of our customer existing files and folder structure under our data recovery tools program. We take 1 whole day to extract and copy all the data to new external hard drive. 99% data been extracted.

the data has now been recovered

external hard disk repair and recovery

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