Western Digital Micro USB 2.5 Inch External Harddisk Data Recovery Service

Western Digital Micro USB 2.5 Inch External Harddisk Data Recovery Service

Problem Description:

Recently, we had received a Western Digital 2.5inch 500 External Harddisk from the customer, this hard disk was built in the Micro USB port.

WD 500GB External Hard Disk In Singapore

According to customer description, when she tries to access this external hard disk using her laptop, the LED light beside the ports was blinking but no response in the disk management, also there had a clicking sound identified.

This hard disk contains all her family member photo, and this is only one copy she has, thus it is very important for us to recover back her data

Action to be taken:

When Ever Higher data recovery specialist first receives this hard disk, he plugs in the hard disk to our data recovery tools, try to analysis the issue, and the symptoms were same as what customer described. So, to access the data, we had to change the PCB Board to SATA PCB Board, as our data recovery specialist suspect the PCB Board for the Micro USB had a failure. see the photo below.

WD 500GB External Hard Disk In Singapore

After changed the PCB Board, this time the hard disk was able to identify, and our data recovery specialist need to solve the clicking sound problem, usually this type of symptoms was caused by read/write head failure, so our data recovery specialist needs to go inside the clean room to change the head assembly.

WD 500GB External Hard Disk In Singapore

After replaces the headset, our data recovery specialist using the recovery tools to read the hard disk again, this time there is no clicking sound, and the hard disk information was shown on the panel.


We manage to the clone out all the photo and picture found inside the hard disk, and the customer was happy for our service. We are glad and happy to help our customers to recover all his important data back.

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