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Western Digital Portable Hard Disk Data Recovery

Problem Description:

Recently, we had received a Western Digital 2.5-inch 500GB Portable Hard Disk from a customer.

external hard disk data recovery service singapore

According to customer description, this hard disk has been used for 5 years. recently the hard disk was dropped down accidentally when he moves the desk. After that when he tried to view or copy the files and folders, the system shows it needs a whole day to copy a small size of files. He knew something wrong with the disk. So, he searches Google and found Ever Higher Data Recovery Centre.

Action to be taken:

Ever Higher Data Recovery Specialist had handled a lot of such case. We told the customer not to plug in the portable hard disk into the computer anymore, as it will make the hard disk condition worse. After that when we receive the portable hard disk, our data specialist does a check of external enclosure, make sure everything was fine.

Western Digital Portable Hard Disk Data Recovery Service In Singapore

Upon open the enclosure, our recovery specialist took the hard disk and plugs into the recovery tool, from the symptom we suspect Read/Write head was degraded, which causes the slow in response. We have perform several time external hard disk data recovery services. To solve the issue, we need to send the hard disk to our clean room, perform a one to one replacement of Read/Write head.

Western Digital Portable Hard Disk Data Recovery Service In Singapore

After replacement completed, our specialist plugs the disk into the recovery tool again, everything went smoothly this time, so our specialist begins to clone the customer data out.

Western Digital Portable Hard Disk Data Recovery Service In Singapore


Finally, all the documents are readable, we are happy that we manage to recover 100% data out.

external hard disk repair and recovery

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