Western Digital Scorpio Blue- WD5000BEVT-00ZAT0

Western Digital 2.5” Hard Drive Recovery

Case description:

A customer contacted us to diagnose for his 500GB Western Digital Scorpio Blue 2.5” hard drive - WD5000BEVT-00ZAT0 internal hard drive. It was taken out from a laptop, and he is accessing it with a hard disk enclosure. The drive has stopped working since last month, he tried to remove the hard drive from the enclosure and connect to office PC’s SATA connector, but it failed to detect the hard drive as well. There’s a slight clicking sound encountered.

Action (Solution):

EHDR’s data recovery specialist proceeded with the diagnosis. The specialist checked through the hard drive and found that the health condition of the hard disk has deteriorated. In other words, the internal read/write heads of the drive are faulty and failed. While assessing, there’s a clicking sound occur from this hard drive. Normally it happened due to the read/write heads contacted with the platters and may have further damage. Platters are used to store data, if the platters were damaged, it will affect the recovery rate and increase the difficulties of the recovery. Surprisingly, the platters were not damaged by failed mechanical component and data recovery is possible.

The Outcome

As a result, we manage to recover most of the data from this hard drive. All retrieved data is saved into a new external hard drive for him. He drops by our recovery centre to check the data and the outcome is positive to him. In fact, all the AutoCad, solidwork files and email archive are working.


Conclusion, If you drive is inaccessible and you heard some abnormal sound, please do not connect it to PC or access it as it might do further damage to the hard disk. Please feel free to contact us for advice if required.

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