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WhatsApp Chat Recovered from Time Machine Backup

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We received case recently. The client wants all the WhatsApp history from their time machine backup. According to them, they tried to retrieve data from the time machine backup. What they can see is the only Date and name but unable to see the data. While Ever Higher Data Recovery Centre receive it, it is only a hard drive include of time machine backup.

Action( Solution):

Our data recovery specialist tried to change the format of this extension hard drive before recovery start. First of all, recovery specialist took some time to abstract the whole time machine backup data to our in-house operating system. Then, they start to abstract data from this backup fully. By identifying the data needed, recovery specialist selectively abstract data from the related files that consist of WhatsApp chat history. Although it failed at the beginning, our recovery specialist continues to explore more option for this recovery service. Finally, we manage to get the crucial code for WhatsApp chat and decode it with our in house software.

 The Outcome

Ever Higher Data Recovery Specialist team had recovered all available chat history. Chat history is abstracted in Excel form. The audios, videos, documents, images, and all other files that previously received abstracted into different folder according to their extension. Although there are some corrupted files, but most of it is readable. We contacted this client to come over to our centre to check out and verify all abstracted data. They pick some of the chat history, view through all other abstracted files and the result is positive. Our client found the data they need and satisfied with the outcome of this recovery.

The Lesson

WhatsApp data loss is a common issue. They are lucky that they have a backup in their time machine and they do nothing beyond their knowledge and they seek help from trustable expertise to minimize the risk of data lost.


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