Drone Data Recovery

Drone Data Recovery

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What is Drone?

Originally, it is an aircraft without any human pilot or passengers. Over the past few years, the words drone becomes extremely popular and it is now a product for consumers. Nowadays, drones are built with internal cameras which allow user to record videos or take photos and share the view of their flight with other people. As the drone consists of flight controller, it allows user to record the video smoothly. Drones are used to record country’s heritage, delivery, inspection, filming, and even for personal memory. It is very convenient and helps people to capture all the unique moment. But, you might face some issue that your NAND flash card is inaccessible or the most wanted recorded video corrupted.



Recorded video will stored in SD card. It is very convenient for the user because it can be removed and access the recorded footage through the computer. The drone can now provide a wide variety of data types, from common file extension, such as MPEG, MOV, MP4, JPG to unique extension like DXF, DWG, KML and etc. When it comes to recovery, it Is very important to know the model of drone that used. It helps to identify the files structure which could assist to increase the chances of recovery.


Drone Data Recovery

Imagine that if you have spent a large amount of time for a video but ended up corrupted, accidentally formatted, or inaccessible without any symptoms. Calm down, and do not do attempt to recover the data without any professional advice. Any false action might cause you data loss. EHDR is a Singapore data recovery centre that specializes in recovery since 2012. Our data recovery specialists are highly trained and experienced in various types of recovery. Feel free to reach us if there are any enquiries. EHDR will always be here.

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