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Corporate Investigation Solutions

Fraud, intellectual property theft, cyber and financial crimes, email and Internet misconduct, sexual harassment and discrimination are on the rise due to the increasing prevalence of digital technology. To keep businesses secure, corporations need a solution that allows investigators to identify, collect, preserve, and examine data from multiple digital sources, including computer and mobile, related to inappropriate and illegal activity.

Our Corporate Investigation Solutions mitigate threats to data security while addressing all investigation needs, from computers, mobile devices, and the cloud.

• Collect data from multiple device types and profiles
• Build a complete picture to support or refute claims
• Surface specific and actionable evidence
• Manage your corporate investigations toolbox
• Translate textual content in more than 40 languages with Cellebrite Smart Translator


eDiscovery Solutions

With smartphones becoming more powerful and networks providing greater connectivity, data volume has skyrocketed and digital storage devices and platforms have diversified remarkably, posing a challenge to the collection of user data.

Our eDiscovery Solutions streamlines the collection and processing of data to increase efficiency and reduce overheads.
• Collect data from multiple device types and profiles including computers
• Review ESI to reduce data and increase relevancy
• Streamline data integration with review platforms
• Manage your eDiscovery toolbox with ease
• Translate textual content in more than 40 languages with Cellebrite Smart Translator


Incident Response Solutions

Whether initiated by hackers or internal personnel, cyber and security threats have become a clear and present threat for business with greater frequency.  The variety of devices connected to the business network exposes the business to malicious real-time threats and multiple attack vectors, which must be stopped without delay.

Our Incident Response Solutions allow cyber and information security teams to proactively detect and
respond in a timely manner.
• Gain access to the relevant mobile and computer data needed for analyzing a breach
• Initiate mobile malware detection
• Conduct root cause analysis using multiple sources of information
• Triage capabilities to identify compromised systems and analysis of system logs and memory


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How They Work

The market-leading solution for the quick and comprehensive analysis of macOS and Windows computer volumes.


A powerful forensic imaging software solution to perform triage, live data acquisition and targeted data collection, for Windows and Mac computers.


Collect, preserve and analyze public and private-domain, social-media data, instant messaging, file storage, web pages, and other cloud-based content.


From encrypted data to actionable intelligence, Cellebrite Physical Analyzer helps your forensic lab to uncover digital evidence and create court-ready exhibits.


Access and collect data from the widest range of digital devices.


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