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I think my company's system has been attacked, but I can't find any evidence!

Critical data gone missing?
Critical files corrupted and inaccessible?
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Cybercrime and cyber security threats will inevitably increase, as digital technology becomes more affordable and widely available. Foreseeably, more and more government institutions and private corporations, even general consumers, will become victims of illegal and malicious cyber activities.

Compared to regular data recovery, forensic data recovery requires a higher degree of tech expertise and savviness, as data handled and recovered from computer systems or digital storage media must be admissible in a court of law. Therefore, from the outset, proper protocol and methodology must be strictly followed, and collected data cannot never be out of the custodian's sight or risk compromise in any way. 

As security practitioners, we are aware of the renewed challenges we face, but at the same time, we are also swiftly adopting and employing the latest technologies in forensic science to facilitate our digital forensic investigations. Therefore, when you suspect that you might be a victim of:

  • hacking
  • data theft
  • identity theft
  • online fraud
  • email abuse
  • stalking
  • malware attacks
  • unauthorised data duplication,

do keep calm and contact us directly for a free consultation in order for us to ascertain the severity of the situation and advise accordingly. Our highly trained forensic services specialists have more than 8 years of experience working with a diverse list of companies and data environments from around the globe. We will recover the forensic data you need -- in compliance with all pertinent regulations -- so that you will be able to take all necessary actions to rectify a compromised situation or to seek legal proceeding against perpetrators.

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We will recover data that have been hidden, deleted, or maliciously or accidentally damaged.

Computer Forensics

A process of extracting data (either lost, hidden, encrypted or deleted) from personal computers or laptops with the aim of identifying, preserving, recovering, analyzing, and presenting evidence for a criminal proceeding. Through computer forensics, the use, origin and destination of data left behind in a system can be recovered and determined.


Mobile Device Forensics

A process of extracting evidence from digital devices that have internal memory, communication ability or with Global Positioning System (GPS), such as smartphones and tablets. Mobile devices store user data from many sources, such as social networks, phone calls, sent and received text messages, and e-mails, and also photos and videos taken with the phone’s camera, all of which may be crucial data for an investigation.


Video Forensics

A process of scientifically analyzing, comparing or evaluating of video evidence in legal matters, such as disagreements and conflicts of interest. It must must be performed in a forensic lab that is equipped with the appropriate tools and must follow best practice protocols in order to process video footages with accuracy and without suspicion of improper handling.


Cyber Forensics

A electronic discovery process applying cross-driven analysis, live analysis and deleted file discovery or other techniques to extract evidence from electronic data storage devices for legal purposes, such as email scams or illegally gained copyrighted works with desire to profit from another person’s intellectual property or private information.


  • Cross-driven analysis that correlates data from multiple hard drives
  • Live analysis, which obtains data acquisitions before a PC is shut down
  • Deleted file recovery

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Turn off your computer or storage device to minimise further damage.
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for a free consultation. Together we will determine the purpose and objective of the investigation to create a detailed work statement.


Upon receiving and documenting the media involved, we will verifiably track and preserve the evidence, and provide you with a quotation within
business day.


Once you approve the fixed quote, we will be sent a forensic data recovery contract to fill out and return. We will start investigation, analysis and data retrieval within 3 - 5
business day.


Once our investigative work is completed, we will generate and compile the results to explain our findings in a customised forensic report. You will now have the forensic data you need to proceed with further actions.

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