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Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery Service

Hard disk drive (HDD), hard drive or fixed disk is an major storage drives that uses magnetic storage to store and retrieved digital information either in computers, laptops and servers. The two most common modern hard disk (HDDS) are 3.5” inch for desktop/PC computers and 2.5” inch which primary for laptops. Hard disk mainly manufactured by Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba, HGST and Samsung after through extensive industry consolidation and two size of hard disk is standardised across all manufacturers which makes for easier repair and replacement when things go wrong.

Hard disk drive (HDD) with high precision moving parts will be to fail at anytime or crash in the course of normal operations or due to external factors such as fire, water or environmental contamination. While hard disk crash doesn’t mean that you will forever lose all the important data. You may request Ever Higher hard disk data recovery service. Hard disk data recovery is a process of salvaging (retrieving) inaccessible, lost, corrupted, damaged or formatted data from the hard disk. We provide data recover services which retrieve data off of every hard disks on the market with our own proprietary data recovery techniques that can recover out the data which other companies deem unrecoverable.

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Types of hard disk failure:

Software / Logical Failure

There failure happen when a hard drive cannot access due to non-mechanical issues or data is accidentally overwritten or affected by virus, malware damage. We category as software level as the hard drive has failed logically as all the data still there in the hard drive. It needs treatment from a professional data recovery company with a safe proven method to recover all the data, back such as documents, photo, videos or files. 

Some of the more common symptoms of this type of problem are below:

  • Operating System Corruption
  • Unintentional or Accidentally File Deletion
  • Unintentional or Accidentally Formatting
  • Overwritten Data
  • Operating System Corruption


Firmware / Electronic Failure

This type of failure on hard disk drives can be caused by various  number of different factors but the most common issues are down to a problem with computer's power supply or the external enclosure that houses the drive.  Our team of data recovery specialists can perform the data recovery services on hard disks.

Some of the more common symptoms of this type of problem are below:

  • Hard disk not able to turn on
  • Hard disk drive not recognised
  • Burning and physical damage signs to hard drive components
Hardware / Mechanical or Physical Failure

This type of failure mainly caused by hard disk drive moving parts failure such as headset assembly or faulty drive head, hard drive spindle or motor bearing. Identifying a mechanical fault is normally a relatively simple task while replacing parts is not easy and very much often the data can be permanently lost without experience data recovery engineer. Under these circumstances, do immediate shut down the laptop/desktop and quickly get our professional data recovery assistance.

Some of the more common symptoms of this type of problem are below:

  • Hard Disk Drive With Clicking Sound Continuously
  • No Spinning Sound or Spin with incorrect operating speed
  • Hard Disk Drive Make a Constant Buzzing Noise

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How it works ?

Steps to get your data back


Keep Calm! Turn off your computer or storage device to minimise further damage.
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Upon receive media, we will analysis it and provide a quotation to you with the types of problems and price within 1 business day.


Once you approve the fixed quote, we will be sent a data recovery contract to fill out and return. We will start recovery and update job's progress within 3 - 5 business day.


We will deliver the recovered data on an encrypted external hard drive.Simple instructions on how to access the recovered data will provided. Your data is back!

Let's hear from our customers

A fast and reliable company in helping me recovered almost 95% of the data stored in my portable WD hard disk together with a brand new backup Hard disk and 7 days backup at its office in the event some of the files is not found. Definitely would recommend to anyone who has issue(s) with their Hard disk.

MICHAEL LEE 22/7/2019

This was my first time engaging a company for data recovery services, and I'm really glad I entrusted Ever Higher to do it. Their team is not only extremely skilled and efficient, but also warm and friendly. They recovered 4-5 years' worth of documents, photos and miscellaneous files from a damaged hard drive I thought I had no hope of salvaging. The whole process was quick and the price was reasonable. I would 100% recommend them to anyone in need of data recovery services.

HETHER LEE 24/11/2018

EverHigher rly recovered all the data from my external hard drive (which I accidentally reformatted) under 2 days and I am very very pleased with the exceptional service that I received. Adrian made sure I knew what the recovery process is like and informed me all of the costs involved (no hidden costs!!). Prices were extra reasonable too!!!! Rather than spending money on an online software which may or may not recover your data and rewrite unnecessary programs on your external hard drive, get your disc assessed (for free!!) and fixed at EverHigher!! Thank you so much for recovering all of my invaluable data, genuinely appreciative of the entire service!!!! 

JANICE CHUAN 10/04/2018

Excellent service from Adrian and team. He was patience and explained the data recovery process in detail. I tried various softwares to try to recover my accidentally formatted SD card but to no avail. Ever Higher managed to recover everything and saved my holiday photos! Highly recommended!

DARICK YEO 13/07/2018

Great service! Indeed I picked the perfect data recovery company! Will recommend this company to my friends! Everything is well briefed and clear, also the process was quite fast! All the best Ever Higher Data Recovery Centre Pte Ltd!


Excellent Service.
1. Detailed report of fault and method of rectification was provided.
2. Quotation response was fast.
3. Collection from us was almost immediate on the same day, upon confimation of their quotation.
4. Recovery was done in a matter of days.
5. Full explanation on the new NAS purchase from them.

Definitely trustworthy and recommended.

MANFRED TEO 25/09/2018

I was trying to copy my 4Tb drive to an empty drive and a power failure glitched that drive with all my pictures from the past 18 months. I looked for a data recovery firm and Ever Higher stood out as both fair pricing and fast service.
I am thrilled with the results as everything has been restored on a new drive and I am delighted with the results. I highly recommend Ever Higher Data Recovery should you ever have a problem with your hard drive or similar items

RICK LAWSON 06/05/2019

My hard drive got corrupted I week before final submissions. Ever Higher Data Recovery Service Singapore recovered all my data perfectly in just 3-4 days. Very Grateful! Fantastic Service!


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