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Ever Higher believe that technology is essential for every business to fully optimize their capability for further expansion in today environment.

Most Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) can’t justify the expenses to hire a full time business IT Support professional for the right kind of IT infrastructure and to provide a proper training for this position. It may actually increase the expenses of a company. That’s when we come in.

Ever Higher provides your business with a team of IT support specialists with experience and skillset in all types of technologies and applications who are ready to respond anytime required, at a price lower than the additional manpower you need to hire.

You will get a fully functional IT department for your organization without actually hiring such a team. We help to go through the effort of locating, hiring, training the IT staff and at the same time keeping your business IT infrastructure system and network running efficiently. In this way, you and your team can confidently leave IT issues to us, and move forward to grow your business.

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Remote Support
Onsite Support
Preventive Servers & Network Maintenance
IT Assets Managements & Documentation
Strategic Technology Planning

Soho Office

( 1 - 5 user )
user/month (annual commitment)
Bundle with 0.5 hour per users per month

Small Office

( 6 - 15 user )
user/month (annual commitment)
Bundle with 0.5 hour per users per month

Medium Size Office

( 16 - 25 user )
user/month (annual commitment)
Bundle with 1 hour per users per month

Big Size Office

( 26 user above )
user/month (annual commitment)
Bundle with 1 hour per users per month

*all price quote b/gst


Ever Higher IT Outsourcing Package

Unlimited Services For Flat Rates

We align our client interests with us and we hear what our client need! Ever Higher provides unlimited remote services (specially tailored for you) + Onsite Support at a flat monthly fee, which you can be assured to get all things done without any additional cost.

Fast Response

We utilize the best remote support software in the market, which enable us to provide you with remote IT support instantaneously! This unique feature enable Ever Higher IT magician to help in resolving any IT problem arises.

Hassle Free IT services

We create a single point of contact which will assist you with all IT infrastructure matters such as IT supports for laptops, desktops, servers and mobile, IT documentation & Inventory. On top of this, we will help to deal with Internet service providers and telephone system vendor on behalf of you. You will get a fully functional IT department for your organization.

Proactive Support Model

Ever Higher preventive maintenance and continuous-monitoring support help your business to eliminate IT infrastructure potential hardware/software issues before they deteriorate and cause downtime to the business. We are here to save your business time and money. We value your business!


Our Service Included

• Unlimited remote support request – call in as many time as needed (within our office hours 9am-6pm) to request for our technical.
• Onsite support services hour bundled

• Monthly server maintenance
• Penetration test & Optimization included

• We keep & maintain your IT Infrastructure documentation.
• Ensure your IT assets lists always up to date.

• We will maintain  your server at its tip-top working condition
• We maintain and solve your cloud subscription issues

• We know the important of the internet mean for business
• Ensure the network security in place

• Research, advise and implement new solutions to meet changing business needs
• Assist/advise in purchasing equipment, software and services; evaluating and qualifying vendors

• Advice & implement right backup technology which require for each business
• Ensure backup is valid in case of disaster recover need

• We know important of data mean for business
• Work with recover specialists to help our customer to recover their important data

• We will ensure all the necessary communication devices is up and running
• Advice the right telephony system depend individual business need

In Short, We are Your Company IT Team!


We Are Interested In Your IT Challenges !!!