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As a authorize data recovery Singapore, we received many mobile phone that needs data recovery services. Mobile phone, Is known as handphones, cell phone, or what we call as a Smartphone. It is a portable device that can make and receive calls, video and photo shooting, gaming, online surfing and assist in all kinds of activities in our daily lives. Over the years, this technology has revolutionized our world and all useful information is putting at our fingertips. It made our lives easier, better, and more fun! But, negative effect happened as well.

Social media and all online applications hold our personal information such as our behavior, thing that we are interested, bank details, etc. It will all expose if your mobile infected with Malware. As all information is at our fingertips, once hacker successfully gaining their access right, they will have all your personal information at their fingertips.

Risk of Exposure

Mobile devices are not as secure as computer because this may not be protected by firewalls, antivirus, or anti-malware software. Therefore, it is vulnerable if the user has a behavior of downloading malicious application, accidentally open suspicious email or using open network. These actions pose a risk to user data and businesses. Once the mobile device infected, all sensitive information will be captured. If you suspect your phone is compromised by malware, look for the Singapore data recovery centre. Proper measurement will be advices accordingly.


Forensic Mobile Phone Malware Scan

As a authorize data recovery Singapore, we encounter many clients’ mobile device that compromised by malware which led to personal information leakage and malicious application installed. Once they infiltrate your device, your banking details might be collected, and transaction will be done without a victim ‘s consent. If you saw any suspicious action happened and wanted to verify your device condition, contact us. A Singapore data recovery centre provides forensic malware scan for all kinds of mobile devices. Get a report with all details provided!

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