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Encryption is a way of locking your data that allow only authorized parties to get the information. Technically, is a process of converting your data into complex or incomprehensible data. In layman term, using a lock to lock your data, you can only access it with appropriate key. For example, email encryption, window log in password, email password, and etc.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Encryption

Encryption is important because it provides security of data. It helps in protecting user privacy such as personal information, company data from criminals. But it will have disadvantages as well. As the technology advances, user can choose to let the device remember the password. By using facial unlock and thumb print, we can access data directly without manually insert password. Here comes the problem. Users forget their password and unable to explore the encrypted files. Besides, family member that deceased and left only their belonging.  Without knowing their password, you will not be able to access their data that saved in their devices.


Password Recovery

As a Singapore data recovery service centre, we are experienced in assisting our clients to recovery the password. We have received many cases that require password recovery services. Our data recovery specialists have done various studies and research for each case and apply proprietary methods to recover the password. We recover password from various types of devices & medias:
1- Recover Window Login Password (WinXP, Win 7, Win 8, Win 8.1 & Win 10
2- Recover documents files password (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF and etc)
3- Recovery email database such as (.PST ,  .OST , .NST and etc)
4- Storage devices password (external hard disk, hard disk, NAS, thumb drive and etc)


As there are varies kind of encryption method apply on each device or data, assessment service is provided for each storage device. Appropriate solution will be provided according to the condition of storage media. If you have a device that need password recovery, look for us, Singapore data recovery centre, EHDR. DO NOT attempt to recover the data without professional advice, as it might affect the data or cause the data loss permanently. Feel free to contact us for any enquiries.




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