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eMMC-NAND Reconstructor (eMMC NR)

by Rusolut Data Investigation & Recovery Technology

What is eMMC NR Software?



eMMC NR software is a solution for data extraction and recovery from eMMC chips through NAND interface. It is ultimate and revolutionary technology that is mainly designed for law enforcement (mobile forensics and other areas). It provides the deepest level of data recovery from areas of eMMC chips that have never been accessible before. Click here for more details.




With the help of Rusolut VNR Starter Kit and eMMC NAND Adapter, eMMC NR can salvage data from damaged chips, factory reset and erased data which cannot be done before.

*VNR Starter kit is a basic kit which contains VNR Reader, Software and 8 basic adapters

*Visual Nand Reconstructor (VNR) is the universal platform for chip-off data recovery and forensics of any kind of flash devices.
VNR includes powerful and flexible software for data recovery and digital forensic analysis and fundamental hardware part as well.



eMMC NAND Adapter (Inclusive)


Toshiba BGA169-1

Toshiba BGA169 #1

Toshiba BGA169#2 Samsung BGA169_3_full

Toshiba BGA169 #2

Samsung BGA169 #3

Sandisk BGA169-1_full

Sandisk BGA169 #1

Samsung BGA221 #1 Hynix BGA221-1_full

Samsung BGA221 #1

Hynix BGA221 #1

Hynix BGA162-1_full

Hynix BGA162 #1

Hynix BGA169-1_full

Hynix BGA169 #1

Samsung BGA169-2_full

Samsung BGA169 #2

Samsung BGA169-1_full

Samsung BGA169 #1

Add-ons VNR

monoUFD 3×7 & 6×6 pads

monoUFD 3x7 & 6x6 pads

monoSD 3x13pads

monoSD 3x13pads

Sandisk monoSD

Sandisk monoSD

Sandisk monoSD

Sandisk monoSD



microSD 6×4

microSD 6x4



Chinese Smartphone

Chinese Smartphone

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