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SD Card or Memory Card Data Recovery Service

All of the mobile devices have design with of the data storages media and it portability it have increase the demand for mobile devices to have bigger capacity to store more files. Most of the standard data storages medium of mobile devices such as mobile phones, car cameras, drones and etc will be memory card.  Memory card consist type of compact Flash (CF) card, MiniSD, MicroSD, Multimedias (MMC) or etc. SD card may failure after a period of extended use and it doest mean that you will lose your data forever. If your SD card has failed or become corrupted, do contact Ever Higher Data Recovery service for a free no-obligation data recovery assessment.

Our comprehensive list of flash data recovery techniques able to recover your failed SD card either on software techniques, electronic repair and our SD card or flash read data recovery technology.  SD card or flash read data recovery technology gives Ever Higher data recovery specialists the ability to recover lost data from most of the failed SD Card.

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Types of SD card or memory card failure:

Software / Logical Failure

There failure happen when a SD Card can access due to non-mechanical issues or data is accidentally overwritten or affected by virus, malware damage. We category as software level as the SD card has failed logically as all the data still there in the memory chip of SD Cards. It needs treatment from a professional data recovery company with a safe proven method to recover all the data, back such as documents, photo, videos or files. 

Some of the more common symptoms of this type of problem are below:

  • Unintentional or Accidentally File Deletion
  • Unintentional or Accidentally Formatting
  • SD Card prompt for formatting


Hardware / Physical Failure

This type of failure mainly caused by SD Card failure such hardware failure. SD Card normally not able detect and not responding. Under these circumstances, do immediate put SD card aside and quickly request our professional data recovery service with not obligation free data recovery assessments .

Some of the more common symptoms of this type of problem are below:

  • Bent snapped SD Cards
  • Physically damaged on SD Cards
  • SD Cards not recognised
  • Completely dead SD cards
  • Water damaged SD cards
  • Liquid damaged SD cards
sd card data recovery singapore

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