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Server Data Recovery

Servers are the backbone of businesses of all sizes no doubt is enterprise or Small Business. Mission critical applications and data reside on server hardware, and a single failure can be disastrous for the unprepared. If a server goes down, your business can come to a screeching halt and cripple your business. Improper handle while Servers break down can wipe out all your businesses data and leave you stranded. It is more common than you think!  While in most cases the server data loss can be retrieved if the proper server data recovery service have been perform upon the server is down.

Given the complexity of performing Server Data Recovery (as opposed to that other forms of storage media), Ever Higher data recovery teams with great pride in offering quality Server Data Recovery for our valued customers, with high chance of successful recovery. In the case of files/folders that are inaccessible due to server failure, we truly understand the urgency and anxiety our customer's face especially considering the loss of data on server level will cripple any day to day business operations as well as work productivity.

For Server Data Recovery, these are the following Server Data Recovery we provide

  • Window / Linux Servers RAID Recovery
  • SNAP and Network Server Devices
  • VMWare and HyperV Recovery
  • Database and Exhcange Recovery
  • Email Client Recovery
  • Various File Service Recovery (NTFS, FAT, EXT, HFS, Linux/Unix)

On top of this, we have valuable experience in dealing with various brand and manufacturer Server recovery and they are as follows:-

  • Hewlett Packett (HP)
  • Dell
  • Gateway
  • Fujitsu
  • Lenovo
  • Cisco
  • IBM
  • Apple
  • Oracle
  • Supermicro

and many more....no matter which brand of server your business is current using, you can be rest assured our versatile server data recovery experience will exceed beyond your satisfaction.

Causes for Server Failure + How we Do it?

The causes of your server failing can depend on few factors like software level issues, user error or hardware damages whether it may be man-made (Natural disasters, Electrical short circuit) or human error.

Similar to your standard everyday PC/laptop, Servers are subjected to the same causes of data loss as your standard hard drives. Unlike the standard hard drives, Server Data Recovery requires a more delicate recovery methodology in order to successfully recover the data for our anxious customer. This is due to the complicated pre-configuration and setup needed to be perform before your server is even operationally put to use.

Hence, we always tell our customers who want to give Server Data Recovery a try....DO NOT TRY THIS WITHOUT PROPER DATA RECOVERY TOOLS!!!  Due to delicacy of your server equipment, we re-iterate with utmost important to our customers to never attempt Server Data Recovery especially if they don't have the adequate training/knowledge in handling of Data Recovery equipment. Always leave your precious IT equipment for the professionals to handle. Using our standard specialized data recovery software and equipment, our data recovery specialist will perform a thorough analysis and diagnosis which may require the engineer to dismantle the patient hard disk for further inspection. The entire assessment is completely free of charge.

Ever Higher Data Recovery with the team of data recovery expertise is able to provide you and your organization with the enterprise data recovery services and quality customer service you need to help get your business up and running fast. We are team of data recovery specialists who recover all type of mission critical server such as ERP systems, accounting systems, payroll system, email servers, SQL databases and other mission-critical data for organizations of all sizes.

Ever Higher data recovery team able to recover the server data in difference RAID type configuration:-

  • RAID 0 Data Recovery
  • RAID 1 Data Recovery
  • RAID 2 Data Recovery
  • RAID 3 Data Recovery
  • RAID 4 Data Recovery
  • RAID 5 Data Recovery
  • RAID 6 Data Recovery
  • RAID 7 Data Recovery
  • RAID 10 Data Recovery
  • RAID 0+1 Data Recovery
  • RAID 53 Data Recovery
  • RAID S Data Recovery

At Ever Higher, our data recovery specialist also perform Non-Standard RAID Recovery service for the server data recover which come none standard RAID set up.

  • RAID 7 Recovery Services
  • RAID 10 Recovery Services
  • RAID 0+1 Recovery Services
  • RAID 53 Recovery Services
  • RAID S Recovery Services


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